Tasker Retail Hero

Who is your Tasker Retail Hero?

Every day there are unsung heroes across our business, those that go above and beyond the call of duty, operate out of their comfort zone, quick to help others and all without any expectation.

How it works

The Tasker Retail Hero is someone who has made a real difference to your day, week, month, quarter.
A business is its people and an above and beyond performance deserves to be recognised.


Each quarter you will be asked to vote for the Tasker Retail Hero via an online link sent to you in an email.

Quarter dates:

  • 1st May – 31st July
  • 1st August – 30th October
  • 1st November – 31st January
  • 1st February – 30th April

They can be from any part of the Group business:

  • Finance
  • London Markets
  • Gresham
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Your own team

The Tasker Retail Hero is someone who has made a difference to the retail business.

What is the voting process?

At the end of the quarter you will be asked to nominate your Tasker Hero with a few words on how they made a difference.

The winner will be selected by the Exec from the entries received.

To make sure that people only vote once you will have to provide some extra information such as your name, team and office location.

You cannot vote for yourself.

What does the Tasker Retail Hero win?

The Tasker Retail Hero will receive:

  • Bottle of Champagne
  • Shopping voucher
  • An invite to the annual Hero’s lunch.

Your Tasker Retail Heroes

Your 'wall of fame' showing the current and previous winners of the Tasker Retail Hero Award

Q4 2020
Tasker Retail Hero

Emma 8ff9cbca-fb66-40c7-b3a5-02069f89c815
Emma Grant
Gresham Underwriting
The second retail Hero award saw a number of votes for our colleagues in Finance, TPL and Gresham. Working together across the group and recognising when people make a difference to your day is good to see.
Emma Grant from Gresham has been recognised by a number of her Retail colleagues for going above and beyond for her peers. She is efficient and always makes the time to help those who need it.
Please join me in congratulating Emma, and hope she enjoys the bottle of champagne and shopping voucher. We look forward to seeing you at the annual Hero lunch!

Q3 2019
Tasker Retail Hero

Miasie and Robin lr
Maisie Everett
Tasker Insurance Brokers
The first retail Hero award as voted by her colleagues has gone to Masie Everett in London. Over the last quarter Maisie has shown exceptional commitment to clients and Tasker. Maisie stepped up following a colleagues absence and took charge of not only the team but making sure all the business renewed each month, not losing a single case out of 85 renewals. Maisie showed dedication and tremendous work ethic and is a rightful Tasker Retail Hero. Well done Maisie, enjoy your Champagne and shopping voucher and we look forward to inviting you to the annual Hero lunch.

Q4 2019/20
Tasker Retail Hero

male SIl
Full Name
Business Unit
Office Location

Nomination Snapshots:

"He's always smiling, even when stressed - always makes the team laugh!"
"He's never too busy to help and share his knowledge!"
"He's taken on the role of a mentor without being asked - always helpful, knowledgeable and works hard"
"He's always doing such a great job with the clients"