Recognising Excellence: The Perception of a Chauffeur
October 16, 2018

On the 22nd November over 500 industry specialists descend on Gatwick for Professional Driver Magazine’s QSI awards. It’s a night of recognising excellence for both man and machine with the coveted Professional Driver of the Year and Car of the Year awards waiting for their new name of recognition. It’s the one night of the year where chauffeurs are on the other side of the door. With the QSI awards coming up it got me thinking about people’s perception and understanding of a Chauffeur. If the QSI are recognising excellence, then what exactly constitutes to that level of excellence?

What makes a Chauffeur, the driver or the car?

Anyone can go and buy an executive vehicle, put on a suit and call themselves a ‘Chauffeur’. But what does it truly mean to be one? Having worked with this sector for over 16 years it’s only those of the highest calibre that survive – those drivers who understand that exceeding excellence is the name of the game. Being a Chauffeur is delivering more than a high class service – it’s about becoming an extension of your clients day to day business. Whether it’s driving them or their family around, running errands or building trust, a Chauffeur does more than drive a client from A to B. For many clients, having a Chauffeur adds to their status. You are an extension of their lifestyle – you represent them and their worth. A Chauffeur needs to anticipate their needs, you know what their favourite newspaper is, the perfect temperature for the journey. You provide a service whereby you perform a seamless transition of a journey.

Tasker Motor & You

Taking all of this into consideration, it almost feels like a kick in the teeth when the specialism of a Chauffeur is misrepresented simply as a ‘posh taxi’. Your clients choose to work with you because they trust in your service and knowledge, so why should your standards for who you work with be any different? In order for you to keep your clients satisfied, you need to have a solid support system in place which understands how different to a taxi you really are.

We at Tasker Motor understand what it truly means to be a Chauffeur, the level of service and commitment required and the importance of trust in your client relationships. With the QSI awards providing you with an evening on the other side of the door, why not take it a step further and let Tasker Motor provide you with the service you give to your clients. Let Tasker Motor be the extension of your business, your reputation and your status.

Nathan and I will be at QSI and are looking forward to meeting you all on the night, please come and say hello and have a drink with us.

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