Dealing Differently: Calling time on the call centre
March 19, 2019

For years our primary interaction with companies has often involved being passed around a Call Centre by anonymous clones, agonising over the never-ending hold music, having your issue ‘escalated’ and explaining said issue to five different people in five different departments. This does not build a memorable or lasting relationship- on the contrary it can alienate the client, it can ostracize the time poor client who has been sat on hold for the last fifteen minutes, time is money.

Being client driven has caused a shockwave of change and necessary development. Here at Tasker Insurance Brokers we pride ourselves on not having a Call Centre or even adopting a Call Centre environment within our offices. Instead we opt for a culture based on efficiency, experience and knowledge- these very attributes form the very fabric of success, it maintains existing good relationships and allows us to forge new ones every day. In a nutshell, we can attribute the Tasker Culture to 5 areas:

The Tasker Culture:

1. We take responsibility – Each member of the team takes that initial responsibility and is armed with the knowledge to solve any issue in the first instance – quickly and calmly.

2. Our Telesales team are not siloed – they know each member of the Broking team who they pass the client information to. Because of this they can build trust with the client from the offset by ensuring their risk is handled by the most suited person.

3. First Impressions count – the client’s journey starts with the telesales team and we want to introduce our culture, determination and people from the start.

4. Only passionate people need apply – the Tasker Telesales team are ambitious, they are gaining qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Insurance, they are learning every day from our broking team and they understand the value of building trust and relationships with clients. Unlike a Call Centre we have a very specific requirement to join #TeamTasker

5. Professionalism meets approachable – being professional does not mean reading from a pre-agreed script, it does not mean being paranoid over what they might say. It means having the right people in the right roles who are able to perform their jobs in a professional way whilst also building a human connection.

I have in fact worked in a couple of Call Centres over the years and although they were a valuable learning curve and provided me with some fundamental skills- it is my firm opinion that they have had their day and what I am doing presently with Tasker Insurance Brokers yields instant and rewarding results on a daily basis.

What do you think about Call Centres for insurance? Have a different opinion?

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