• What are your opening hours?

    The offices are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

  • Why should I use an Insurance Broker?

    Using an Insurance Broker will enable you to gain the benefit of professional advice which will ensure you get the best cover available at the most competitive terms for your business. Your broker will identify any gaps in your current arrangements so that you can be assured you will be covered in the event of a claim.

  • Will I be able to deal with someone face to face regarding my business insurance?

    For larger or more specialised businesses, or those with complex arrangements, we prefer to deal with you face to face. That way, we can get a better understanding of your company and this in turn helps us get the best deals from underwriters. We can still visit you if you are a smaller organisation if you are local to our offices. Rest assured, if we only deal with you by telephone, you will still receive the best deals and excellent customer service.

  • I have previously had claims, can you still help me?

    At Tasker Insurance Brokers, we specialise in complex and difficult to place risks, including those that have had claims.

  • How do I know how much cover I need?

    Your broker will go through a factfinding exercise with you, either face to face or over the phone and talk you through what needs to be considered when choosing the cover you need for your business.

  • I understand that someone wants to make a claim against me. What do I do?

    As soon as you become aware of this, the first thing you should do is to ring us and we will take you through the process of notifying the Insurer.  It is important that, where possible, if there has been an accident, you obtain witness statements and take photographs; you should not admit liability.

  • Why should I choose Tasker Insurance?

    Tasker Insurance is an established broker with a wealth of experience. We have access to all the main Insurers and a wide range of MGA’s as well as direct access to Lloyd’s and London Market specialist and niche Insurers though our sister company Tasker & Partners.

  • Will I be able to pay my premium by instalments?

    There are various payment options available to you depending on your insurance arrangements, including payment by Premium Credit, which is a third party company specialising in the provision of premium finance to individuals and businesses.

  • My insurance is not due for renewal yet – when is the best time to get a quote?

    The sooner you engage with us, the better for your business. Although any quotation will only be valid for 30 days, it is advisable to begin the process up to 3 months prior to renewal if you have a large business, complex insurance arrangements or have a history of claims. Where necessary, this would allow enough time to gather all the information we need, begin discussions on an exclusive basis with carefully selected Insurers including having pre-cover surveys done, ensuring you get the best deal for your business.