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Your service makes clients feel like their they’re glowing, even if it is the middle of winter and they have not been lucky enough to go on holiday. But if something went wrong during a client’s visit to your salon, or you were unable to open due to an unforeseen circumstance, your business could face severe financial repercussions. Having the right insurance policy in place for your tanning salon will help to protect you if these things were to happen.  

All policies include Public, Products, Treatment and Advice Liability, which is especially important in your business because of you are working directly with and on clients, making accidents more likely. This insurance provides financial protection if someone takes legal action against you for damage or injury as a result of your service or the products that you use and sell.  

They also include Employers’ Liability which you are legally obliged to take out if you have any staff. This insurance which protects your employees if they suffer an injury or loss as a result of your business.  

  •  Cover can also include:
    • Property Damage  
    • Contents/Fixtures Fittings/Tenants Improvements 
    • Stock 
    • Electronic treatment & tanning machines (excluding Accidental Damage to these)  
    • Business Interruption 
    • Loss of rent payable 
    • Glass 
    • Money 
    • Goods in Transit 
    • All risks away from premises 

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