Multinational Insurance

Our team has a collective  experience of at least 60 years of dealing  with  UK companies  who have overseas operations so are fully conversant with the issues surrounding implementing a Global programme; indeed circa 40% of our clients have overseas operations ranging from  sales/support/R and D facilities in Europe, Far East, North America and Australasia to manufacturing plants in similar territories.

Globally operating businesses purchase insurance not just to comply with compulsory regulations in different countries, but to also mitigate the uncertainty of the financial risks they face. It is common for these businesses to purchase insurance from multiple insurance companies, in numerous jurisdictions, utilising many different brokers in an attempt to ensure that they are protected. Worse still, many companies just let their overseas operations ‘get on with it’ and do their own thing. This can be a complex process, is time consuming and expensive, particularly if something goes wrong and is not properly insured. Having one single multinational insurance program ( as far as is legally  allowed)  helps to reduce potential gaps in coverage.

Our team are highly experienced in providing co-ordinated solutions worldwide across a wide variety of insurance covers where local legislation permits. To support this, we have a wide range of overseas partner brokers giving us global reach. We would be more than happy to have a conversation about your risks/insurance needs if you would like to contact us.

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