Directors and Officers (D&O)

In recent years there has been a movement in the industry to focus blame on individual prosecution, rather than pursuing limited companies. This means that even though the limited company is protected through a Public Liability policy, those responsible for running the company, such as Directors, Partners or Officers, are often left vulnerable if exposed to a claim.

A D&O policy financially protects Directors and Officers within a limited company against private and personal prosecution. This can come in many forms such as a client dispute, a regulatory challenge or a health and safety incident.

Our D&O policy is available to all types of businesses, and we are able to create a bespoke package tailored to your needs.

Additional Extensions:

  • Entity Cover

    The policy can be extended to cover claims made against the entity at the same time as against the individuals.

  • Employment Practice Liability (EPL):

    Subject to you following all the policy conditions and correct procedures when dealing with employee issues, EPL cover will give you access to lawyers if you need to discipline an employee, make people redundant or dismiss them for other reasons and will also cover your costs and expenses for defending claims made against you for unfair dismissal, as well as covering any award that a tribunal may make against you. As claims made for any allegation of discrimination are uncapped, this provides a valuable protection for your business.

  • Legal Expenses (LE):

    Being involved in any kind of legal dispute is not an experience any business wants to go through, but unfortunately you may find yourself precisely in this situation. For specified situations, a Legal Expenses insurance will fund the costs of legal advice along with bringing or defending a court case. This extension can also support your business with:

    • Contract Disputes
    • Debt Recovery
    • Online Document Template Store, so that you know you are issuing the correct documentation in the first place
    • 24/7 Telephone Assistance, giving you legal support and guidance whenever required

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